She really thought it was real this time

She was stubborn that this time, this time he was the one

So she danced with words on her tongue 

And made him feel like a prince

She exhausted the idea of how they used to be

To make up for what wasnt there to begin with

Trying to fill in the hole that so stubbornly stayed empty

And trying to hide the cracks with paper and glue

She was in love again

She was in love again with the idea of loving someone else

and having them actually love her back

Even though he spoke nicely when he wanted something

But hid his hands as if he never knew her

But they were in love

So she kissed him wishing she'd heal her own wounds that way

She forgot about the way he didnt want her near him

She forgot about the way she no longer wanted this

This foolishness that only children play to hurt each other 

This pain that she called love and everyone else saw as happiness


Imani Sophia


OH, intense. 

Very intense piece. But I wish you would add more on this idea of love. 

Include the five senses possibly. How does love taste, how does it smell, what does it sound like?

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