All these marks.
All these thoughts.
All these memories.
Brings me even closer to the edge.
Nothing is clear anymore.
The second-guessing.
The cloudy state of mind.
The shaking consuming my body.
Brings me even closer to the edge.
The burning eyes.
The twitching of my jaw.
The shaking in my hands.
All physical give-aways.
The anxiety I feel to my bones.
The tension overtaking my muscles.
The thoughts in my head.
Linking me to the edge.
Now I'm at the edge.
The edge of insanity.
The edge of depression.
The edge of everything.
I look away.
It's all too much to take in.
The fiery pit of my past
Leaking into my future.
All happening right under my feet.
And what am I to do to stop it?
I'm too far gone
To make choices on my own.
Waiting for someone, anyone
To come and rescue me
From the faceless enemy haunting me.

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