The way my heart set up is undescribable

My love for you? Yeah, thats undeniable

As I sit on the steps and cry....All I do is wonder why?

Then I wipe my eyes....You wanna know why?

Because all you did was lie.....Lie about simple shit

So I had to call it quits.

You know.....people fall everyday, But hey! what can I say?

I feel for the wrong reason

I feel like you were placed you in my life for a season....

To show you that I'm not like these hoes you run and mess with....

I'm not going to stress it

Because eventually, the guilt.....it's going to hit!

Hit you like a ton of bricks and make you realize

I was the best thing you EVER dealt with

Then you're really going to regret it

Because honestly, at the 4end of the day.....you ain't SHIT!


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