Life Experiences

Sun, 06/16/2013 - 23:32 -- Monicaa


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Life experiences shaped me but ain't mold me
Till this day, I still remember what people told me
Told me I'd never be anything
I'd never rise
But now as I look, I see there's a part of me missing
There's this thing of joy i can not find
Every day , it feels like I'm losing my mind
Walking, realizing there's a shortage of time
But it's alright I guess, I know I'm designed .. For a purpose

I trip, You trip, I stumble , You stumble, I fall , You fall
The purpose of life is to overcome all
Every day in our lives is going to be judgment day
Funny enough this may sound cliche .. But,
I know how it feels to be buried alive
The feeling of not being able to turn around
Giving up in life , having your face struck in the ground
But just know one day , you will make it
You will have the golden crown

As life progress, things are clearer now
The problem was my mind
It controlled my eyes in which it made me blind
I wasn't able to see the pot holes I was walking in
But as I look back to see where I was and what I could have been
I can say my past is behind me and I'm moving forward again
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
Don't worry, have wisdom
In the end, your reward will be freedom



Hope this inspired someone.


Great Poem


Thank you :)

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