Memories Of You.


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Memories, tragedies, love and loss.
I can’t wrap my finger around what it is,
that messes me up like this.
Is it the way you left or what you said,
That constantly replays in my head?
Is it the image of you on your death bed,
lonely and cold?
Or is it the sound of your mothers voice, telling me you’re gone?
I sit here, a year and a half later, rocking back and fourth.
I cling to every memory you gave me.
You were my angel.
You made me love myself, and taught me how to love others.
And not a day goes by that I don’t hate myself for not saving you.
I love you. I will always love you.
Right now, i’m sitting here,
in the dark, with nothing but our song on repeat.
The memories of you are too much.
I want to break down and never return.
I want to join you in heaven.
You always told me to stay strong, told me to live life.
But how can I live life to the fullest,
when all I feel is misery?
I am the reason you are dead.
I will never forgive myself for this.
I am so sorry baby.
I’ll love you forever and always.


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