In loving memory

I tried so hard
To hold you near
But then it happened
My greatest fear
You made me laugh
You made me cry
I still don't understand
the reasons why
All the memories
My head still plays
From you heart felt smile
To even the bad days
I miss your voice
I miss your smell
I miss your advise 
I miss you like hell
I still talk to you
I hope you can hear
Because my head is all jumbled
And my thoughts are not clear
The days seem long 
And I try to smile
But honestly
It's been a while
You came into my life
When no one else cared
And now I'm left here 
Cold, alone and scared
People they say
That time will heal
But the pain inside
Is all I want to feel
You were my best friend
And so much more
My support system
And all I longed for
The world is strange now
Different it's true
Because we lost a friend
The day that we lost you
Now your gone
And I keep crying
But we were fighters
And I'll keep fighting


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