My scars are small but yet hurt so much From crying , to cutting, to fighting Too knowing what I have become My whole life I was always told I was nothing Do to me not getting your love... From arguments, to beatings,to almost killing my self I was never what you wanted in your life Your own daughter the one that should be the love of your life You treated me like nothing but now you pay the prize I will never say bad things about you, I will always love you because your the Ama, I will praise you but no longer be a part of your life. I am old enough I have grown I am smarter and wiser and know whant in life Because there was a man who picked me up as a child and gave me that warmth and love that I deserved His the man of my life, My savior, my guardian, my father. The one who saved me, raised me and thought me right I miss you I must admit But why bug you if you didnt want to see me Now those scars show me what i have become There no marks there my tripes I am a TIGER WHO HAS EARNED HER STRIPES Life is hard with out you but now i know not to give up I Became stronger than I was.


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