Not many people know I have a stepfather…


Her soul is married to anger

Their fingers intertwine like dreadlocks

As they drift away into the eyes of each other


They are in love and no one can stop them,

Not even the love of her children


She sits beside our beds at night,

Kisses us and says sweet dreams only to haunt us in our nightmares

We awaken to screams, but not our own-


She’s yelling again.


No communication, just stress over load

Overflowed by emotions that make her sensitive to every detail

We make a joke, she gets offended-

Woah… just kidding.

We understand, but she seems to miss it-


“Why don’t you talk to me,” she says

“Well I tried but-“

“Shut up.”

Sinking me further into a hole that’s getting harder for me to climb out of


You walk away, I shrug

It’s whatever.

At least that’s what I tell you.

I’d wish for bullets, but it’s easier to find rope,

I’d wrap it around my neck… take 3 deep breaths


For I don’t want to die,

I just want to teach her a lesson

She doesn’t listen, so this is my communication

The only way to show her how she’s affecting us

And how every time this happens, she’s losing our trust


Besides she’d only cry for a moment and melt back into old habits

How selfish of me would it be to leave my brother and sister to fight alone?


She’s letting anger take the best of her.

They married by force, but their bond is unbreakable-

She puts him before us and it’s showing,

She’s untamable.

He doesn’t make us a family, he’s making us strangers

To the point where I look at you and forget what your name is


Look at who he’s turning you into.


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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