A Dangerous Game

Can you hear it?

Fiercly flowing,

Coursing through your veins?

It feels like fire

Venemous hatred

Aren't there rules to follow in this game?

They took all you had and they gave nothing back.

They made you look like a fool.

Your heart grew cold and your soul turned black.

Your blood, you knew, would never cool.

Then you plotted and you waited

So you could exact revenge

Upon those who mocked you, those who cursed you,

Those who left you with no friends.

Once it's over and it's done, once the debt is paid with blood,

Then you can go back in silence.

But will you first make it through the flood?

Can you make it through the pulsing, can you make it through the flames?

The hatred is since long forgotten.

You are the only one still playing at this game.


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