No one can ever help me out with anything
They pretend they care 
They pretend their listening 
But really
When it comes down to it 
I'm just another person in their lives
 that blew it. 
They think that I don't care 
Just a girl who expects the world
If only they knew the truth 
That I'm not a little girl.
Why can't they see who I am
It's like they don't understand
And how could they
They don't know me 
Who I am, who I'm tying to be, what I'm feeling. 
The emotions just spin and spin till I hit the ceiling.
And now
I don't know what to do
What to do
Who's playing me like a fool.
And of course they don't understand 
Cause they've had the better hand.
They don't realize the pain inside
Building up and up till there's nothing left to do but cry.
And although I try to hide 
It still shows sometimes.
Why do I even bother
Being the nice guy
When I know that wont please my father
Why do I try to play it cool
Like my mother, who thinks i'm a fool 
Seems like all I try to do is please them 
Well, sorry
I have no more hands to lend.
Wish I had more to say
But at the moment, my words have gone away. 


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