The Prey

Lonely cage

lonely world

lonely someone 

lonely girl

the hunter spotted 

his naive prey

he lick his chops

and makes his way

“because I love you”, he says with a grin

“you are now mine, never your own person

you will act to please me, becoming a shell

if you love me you will do this, don’t question yourself”

with all morals gone the hunter gets the prey 

“because I love you”, she said, “I must act this way”

time passes by and realization kicks in

this isn’t love, it never has been 

running from the hunter, the prey becomes strong

finally finding someone who proves the hunter wrong 

“because I love you”, the new someone states, 

“I’ll never hurt you or leave you, I’ll take you on dates 

I long to make you happy, as you do me, 

be your own person, I will get down on one knee

you are my future, my one and only

Because I love you, let me love you forever.”

This poem is about: 
Our world


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