Story of a life


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I once knew a child whose burden was light
With a heart so pure and eyes so bright.
They sang and danced to music no one could hear
With the voices of rain whispering in their ear.
No mocking nor scorn ever twisted their smile
And their laughter untainted with malice or guile.

Slowly they grew, and days turned to years
As laughter and smiles changed to weeping and tears.
That child's heart was broken, scattered all around
Where lost hope and promises could only be found.
Others who were hurting would ask to stay,
But once they were mended they too went away.

You may ask, "Who could this child possibly be?"
The answer is "You", and the answer is "Me".
We all have faced struggles and must learn to cope,
But there always was and will be a tangible hope.

So remember that child, and how the world seemed,
For together our lives could be all that we dreamed.

In this life you'll have trials,
And the journey is rough.
But little acts of kindness are often enough.


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