Polymer Clay Princess


Now I could just leave you out of the list
that I made
of princesses
Or decide to give
your princess to you
as an ironic thing
like saying,
here ‘princess’
you self-righteous brat
I invite you to stuff
I invited people who annoyed me to stuff
I invited people who BETRAYED ME TO COME TO MY HOUSE
with a smile and a nod and a walking away to hide the frustration
leaving my child behind
with you, of all people.
I could do that.
I could watch you in Chamber Singers with anger
she doesn’t deserve that place
everyone thinks she’s so great
and no one would ever side with me
having my pity party
however justified it
may be
I could look at your face when you say,
reaching for a hug that I obviously accept with reluctance,
while I decide that you’re an idiot.

But you ain’t.

You’re a person with feelings and feels and thoughts and hopes and dreams
And you matter
But I matter too.
I have a thought in my hand to just forget about your princess
and not give it to you
But I already made a list
and I would have given it to you if this had not happened
And I take pride in my faith, in my God, in my Christ Jesus
And therefore I wish to give it to you.
I think creating a princess
help me craft a forgiveness.
And then I will give it away
to you.


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