Too Good or Not Good Enough


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Being someone’s option is never a good feeling
Hoping and praying to be someone’s one and only
Just to be told that you were just a choice that wasn’t chosen
It doesn’t feel too good
Putting not all but just enough of yourself on the line
Just so they can see the potential inside, you that is.
Being so cool or too cool for them to see you other than who you “are”
Being the listening ears or the words of wisdom
For the messed up situations they gotten themselves into
You are either too good or not good enough
Too good to let go but not good enough to love and devote themselves to
They love the virtuous spirit that you have and the self respect that you hold
They love the fact that you don’t just say yes but instead you say no
They love the correcting tone that spews out from luscious lips but they look sideways
Up ways or down ways. Any other way but your way.
Because your either too good or not good enough.
So what do you do?
You remain the good friend that you are
Imparting your wisdom to open minds to create a knowledge not know to “man”
Your morals being the deeply rooted foundation into someone else’s happiness you are
A gift.
A gift that’s either too good or not good enough.


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