Guardian Angel


Fallen into the deep 
Abyss of my dreams.
I stand in a valley filled with 
Different hues of green.
An ever flowing river 
Runs nearby.
The sun shines down
Upon me.
A figure more luminous 
Appears in the sky.
Twinkling and glittering 
I am aghast. 
Descending is an Angel
With a familiar face.
She floats gracefully towards me.
Her hand touches my heart.
I can feel life being restored.
She looks into my eyes and says,
"Hold not onto the departed,
For thy heart may grow fonder, thy
Mind must build strength, 
or thy soul shall die.
Hold not onto the departed
For ye shall see thy once again.
Love has not abandoned thee.
For it is as constant as 
The sunrise and sunset.
Hold not onto the departed, 
For the departed has let go of thee. 
We shall hold hands
In this valley again 
and forever shall
Our hands stay in bondage. 
We shall proclaim that 
Our reunion 
Is now everlasting.
Live life prosperously,
Joyous, calmly,
And Christian like.
Remember, love never
Abandoned thee.
For the presence of love
Is not physical.
For it is mental,
Emotional, and spiritual.
I love thee".
She kisses my cheek.
She slowly flutters away
And vanishes beautifully.
I stand in this valley
Paralyzed with ambivalence.
High with hopes that 
I shall see my angel again.


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