I Used To


I used to think I loved you

I used to think you cared

I used to think "this is it"

I used to be so scared

I used to want to be your all

I used to think you did too

I used to think only if I was patient

I used to think you would be true

I used to think it was always me

I used to think I didn't understand

I used to think this is being a woman

Until I started to realize you weren't a man. 

All those quotes and sayings,

they began to pop up in my mind

About not crying, not stressing,

over some guy who's not worth the time

It's amazing how fast we started

and amazing how fast we finished

or should I say you finished

because I still tried, not knowing your interest diminshed. 

but thats okay now, I've a grown  little

without becoming mean and bitter

I know I can do better

than some regular hitter quitter..

And soon you will come running back

cause you missed out on something great.

but by then I'll be so done with you

stop trying to fix a broken plate. 

I used to always take you back

I knew there would come a day

when I wouldn't want you anymore

cause all you want to do is play. 


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