Eyes Closed


United States
31° 4' 8.8896" N, 97° 39' 56.3868" W

I wake up but keep my eyes closed.
I just lay there in my bed.
Seems like everyday is the same,
I hear the same old story playing over and over in my head.

Sometimes I want to leave, go where I'll be genuinely happy.
I hate the feeling of lonesomeness but,
When I'm here, no one really knows me.
Being reminded everyday that,
I'll fall behind and, that I'm not ready.
These words repeat in my head so I feel unsuccessful,
This keeps the hurt steady.

I know I don't belong, this , they make it known.
I was never the one to try to be grown.

They don't see the good in me,
but one day,
Hopefully ,
They'll finally be proud of ME.

But for right now, I'll lay awake.
Just keep my eyes closed in my bed
With the words they throw, just running through my head.



love it.

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