The Monster Within

Sat, 12/10/2016 - 01:14 -- sbergen

She’s the pretty girl with the perfect life .
She plays sports and gets good grades.
But one day, everything started to revolve
around a knife.

She hides her pain behind a smile.
So pretty, looking so sincere.
No one bothered to ask, “Is anything wrong, my dear?”

No questions asked, but things were bad.
Every night, she got more and more sad.

She dragged the razor across her wrist,
looking for a way to let out her emotion.
She tried to talk to someone,
but she was afraid it would come out like an ocean.

Bottled up was the way things stayed.
Mom and dad suspected nothing.
And, she’d keep it that way if she wanted her blade.

Insults from her “friends” made her depressed.
So, she took off her clothes to try to have the best.
The blade wasn’t where it stopped.
As she observed, she was always being topped.

The money poured in and her self-esteem dropped to the floor.
50’s and then 100’s.
She wasn’t herself anymore.

She was violated and her money was taken.
She had nothing to live on, and it was a rude awakening.

She never got the hint, and she got worse.
In time, you saw her hip bones and ribs.
How badly she wished things would go in reverse.

All she wanted was to be okay.
“I’m sorry I couldn’t make you happy,” she said.
I just want this to go away.

I’m slowly dying.
I’m sorry there’s nothing you could do.
I wish you would’ve seen the things I was denying.

I’ve had enough and it’s not your fault.
But, this life just isn’t for me.
So, when I take this rope, I’ll repeat.
This was just something I could not beat.


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