From the outside looking in, everything was alright

Mommy was happy, Daddy held her tight

Everyone worked hard, everyone did smile,

We were all happy, at least for this little while.


Daddy often left for business trips, somewhere far away,

Mommy was still happy, and smiled every day,

The house was warm and homely,

But mommy seemed so lonely.


One day mom was crying down on her knees,

Our clothes and laundry were out on the street,

We don't have a home, she was telling me,

Daddy has moved on, he packed up all our things.


There was someone else I heard someone say,

That turned daddy's eye, and was the reason he was away.

We went to the place where we once lived,

Daddy blamed mommy for everything that he did.

Our stuff was no longer part of that home.

We were on the streets, all alone.


What happened to the welcome? What happened to the home?

Daddy doesn't want us, where did we go wrong?

I thought we were all happy. All along.


We bought a house, no daddy to be found,

A dusty old thing, but no one will kick us off this ground,

We wiped each other’s tears away and held each other tight

Everything was wrong, but somehow it'll be alright.



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