Feel My Pain

Feel me?

Feel my pain

Love lost

Love gained

Love will drive you insane

Love obtained can be tamed

Nobody wants to be temporary

Don't have time for "hi's" and "bye's"

Or "hello's" and "farewell's"

If it's real it's real

Only the real will prevail

There's no reason to give up

Even if it gets bad

Don't be the one that misses out on something good

Because you'll be hurt 

Hurt because it's something you had

You said I'm the best you ever had

Which was lies and foolery

You lied and said you'd stay glued by my side and promised to remain good to me

It comes a time in a man's life when he has to end all the games

You got my hopes and played with my feelings

...for that I'm ashamed

Ashamed because I saw potential 

Thought you could be the one

Your curves match these words 

Your smile brighter than the sun

Eyes beautiful like a sunet

Thought you were the trigger to my gun

The apple to my eye 

The unconditional to my love

The color to my dye

The peace to my dove

But what's love

This generation will or may never know

They don't know love takes time 

Like a plant seed, be patient let it grow

Love is a bond

 A bond between 2 

It's not him, her, her and him

It's just me and you

Love is when it hurts

It hurts to be away

You enjoy each other's company

Enjoy putting a smile on the others face

Love is gift

A gift to one another

It deserves tender, care and...

Like a baby to a mother

It's ironic

Ironic that I've never felt love

It's ironic I've never felt it but I know what it consists of

Nobody wants to be temporary 

Knocked or let down

If it's real

If it's love

You won't put me down

If it's real

If it's love

You'll pick and lift me up 

And always stay around


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