I could not go


We started our journey

On a path made for two

Her love undivided;

She pledged to be true.


We strolled hand in hand,

A traveling pair.

We confided our lives

And listened with care.


Words rich as wine

From her lips were poured out.

Unmistakable love.

Never a doubt.


But time passed; storms came.

New words reached my ear:

“This guy– he’s great.”

I walked on in fear.


My joy second-guessed,

But never dwelling for long.

Though the path became rocky,

My legs stumbled on.


My head looking forward,

Not risking a glance.

Though my darling beside me,

I danced my own dance.


No stopping for rest

When the hour grew late.

My arms thrashing forward

To my imminent fate.


A path in the dark.

Blind to her words.

They should have made pause,

But refused to be heard.


But wait– what’s this?

I squinted my eyes.

Oh where is my darling?

She’s not by my side.


Heart thumping frantic

Knees fell to the ground.

The blindness unveiled,

My eyesight was found.


A trembling panic.

I gasped from within.

For there stood my darling,

Standing with him.


Oh pain beyond pain,

As no one should know.

A new path diverged,

But I could not go.


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