Honey, I'm on a Ride that Only Goes

Without the mesh that covers my brain catching my words

catching the worst

blocking a out the incessant hisses that fill my cerebrum and peel away at my sanity

the words that others tell me

which fill my head like eerie music-- inescapable, unrelenting


Without my filter I am an oil spill- negativity gushing forth, roaring outwards, pouring outwards

My filter is a blessing, it reminds me to hold together

what if others were to see the indecent creature I am on the inside

My filter protects me, like shining armor called skin

some may say that their filter is a facade

and they are right: welcome to the masquerade ball colloquially called life

In my case, this facade is a necessary means of social acceptance

on the inside, I'm a hole but my filter helps me appear whole


without my filter I f a l l a p a r t.

I rely on the need to appear content to I restrain myself from caving in

I’m sorry, I need my filter, I’m not ready to let go


At least I was able to release this with #NoFilter

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