The Hand Of God


The Hand of God

The hand out of reach, the holder of what i seek and the power at the peak. Hear me and my cry show me the truth, show me what lies beyond this everlasting world, may it remain in my visions and dreams.What is it about life that makes people drown in their own ignorance and live without truly knowing anything, stupidly ignoring responsibility and the blatant truth, the truth that all is one and one is all. This reality so questionable it is. As i hold on to my individuality how can i see this world for its difficulty instead of its simplicity. Seeing a forest for its multiplicity is foolharty for it is one thing. It is the the abstract thought that proposes more than one. The undeniable reasoning and the way of sight that gave me light. Within the bright depths of the son may i finally see within thyself the hand that justifies law, the hand that is absent of every flaw. The Hand of God.


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