A Robot


A break? A break my ass.

Maybe the break you were talking about was my heart. Maybe I misunderstood. Because you broke my heart and didn't look back to pay for the damage.

You said goodbye like it was nothing. But it was something to me. It was everything to me. How can you give someone that much time and then drop them in a heartbeat.

Let's talk about heartbeat. Do you even have one? Because it feels a lot like you're a robot who loves with an on and off switch. And mine? Well I haven't been able to hear my heartbeat over my sobbing, night after night.

And where were you? Forgetting? Forgetting the moments we shared and the love that was there? Or not there. And I'm sick to my stomach thinking you don't care! About the hurt you caused me when you wrote me letters that spoke of forever. Does forever have a time limit now?

And when you said that we'll be okay, well tell that to my broken heart that's trying to forget the pain you caused it. But what does it matter to you anyways? You're just a robot. 

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wow this is really good! I love the whole robot idea in it. It really fits and this defaintly shows how it feels. Great job!


Thanks so much!

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