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No one sees and no one can find

What I hide beneath this facade of mine

Constantly wanting for what cannot be

Constantly wishing for a better school,

A better life,

And better friends

Brimming with uncertainty,

And yet so sure of her future

Constantly wishing to be more outspoken,

To speak out when uncomfortable,

To scream out when frustrated,

And stand up when hurt

If spoken though,

If the words that were undeclared were said,

And the opinion was voiced

Would there be any friends left?

Would there be shunning?

Or would they all just turn their backs on the obvious,

Refusing to see what they don’t want to

Or would they ignore the words that would poor from a mouth in a fit of desperation,

Hoping for someone to hear and actually listen.

But the words have yet to actually be spoken

And no one has yet had deal with outcomes of my wrath

The likelihood of that ever happening is slime,

And it seems like forever a brewing anger will simmer underneath this skin of mine

l then will always wonder…  

Will there ever be any justice for a girl who is too afraid to say what she needs?


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