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I'm the shadow in a rainbow
I'm the anger in a smile
I'm a raincloud on a sunny day
The tenth number in a dial

I'm the deathwish in a heartbeat
I'm the snowflake in July
I'm an anchor on an airplane
I'm the girl who wants to die

Why am I forever just the odd man out
Five steps behind the normal title
A borderliner
Lifetime backseat driver

I am everything that won't belong
I am the screaming echo in the night
And while the world's still sleeping
I'm second guessing on my life

I am the silent shadows
Asking why someone invented hate
Feeling pain I wear on my sleeve
When will sunlight show its face

The rain won't stop pouring
the clouds keep rolling in
The undertow keeps pulling me
Closer to the end

Why can't I be different?
Why do I have to feel?
Why am I just so unperfect?


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