how it feel up there

How it feel up there?

That act you got hanging in

on the splits and the tad bits left in thin air

acting like it's all fair

and you aint care

but I know you do

Because I see it in the dark bags tidied up under your eyes

And the low looks left undisguised

the way you walk and the way you talk

the way you fit yourself in all these societal lies

to portray yourself in a different way

a way that makes you seem 

higher than you've reached 

but might I say

you're fine the way you are 

the person I fell in love with 

isn't meant for all the bling 

and the diamond rings 

the gold watches and high end things

because if I stripped you down what would you be left with?

the soulful body i still continue to see

point blank perspective

but you do you because thats the best i could do

watch you flourish into the potential level 

that i believe you can reach

regardless if im there in the end

because the smiles your face extend

are the reason the birds chirp and sunrises send

the morning vibes and fresh air

So baby, let me ask you one more time

How it feel up there?

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