My eyes light up when i talk about Him,

My heart lights up when He's near.

The first thing on my mind in the morning,

The last thought dancing in my head at night.

The way my hand fits in his, like a puzzle piece.

The sound of his heart beating faster and faster as

I lay my head on his chest.

Simply Beautiful.

I catch myself staring,

Memorizing the little things, so i'll remember when he's gone.

When he's gone.

The echo sends me into a place i can't stand.

I struggle with the courage to go on,

The courage to be strong.

The voice in the back of my head strengthens my doubts.

Sending me spiraling into a strange inferno.

A re-occuring nightmare in my subconscious.

An accident no more, I remember the afternoon on your door step.

Not knowing what to say, How to feel, Nerves travel back and forth.

Now you're so close, I'm never afraid.

But I can't help but hold my breath as you close the door,

Will this be the end? the day the door never opens again?

I cross my fingers, my toes.

Never knowing keeps my blood flowing,

Adrenaline pumping.

I smile to ease it all.

Not wanting to let myself fall.

Standing tall, just for you.

I do admit, this is all a little foolish,

But we're all fools in a thing like this.

decieving, and being deceived.

Slowly, I deteriorate.

Time changing us in too many ways.


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