Why do good people suffer, the selfish live rich 
And the heartless seem to find the most happiness
Why is that you always end up giving your all 
To the people who wouldn't give you a quarter
It makes you wonder is it easier to be evil than it is to be nice
Or is it the pleasure of knowing you've got someone good 
and how easily you can destroy them if you wanted

You question whether its easier to hate than it is to love
And is it easier to despise someone before you try to know them 
Or is it you that your seeing ? And that person is just a mirror
Reflecting what you need to change but instead you refuse
Is it the people that you really hate or are they just the perfect candidate 
To release all of your pain 
Is it really what that person said or was that just the fuel 
To ignite all of the anger you kept inside 
But Why ?

Why is it so hard to forget but so easy to say you're forgiven 
But in all actuality if you haven't forgotten then you haven't forgiven
But can we really be the blame ? 
In life you're taught if you do good unto others it will be done unto you
But all I get in return is back full of knifes 
and nights filled with cries 
Should I just fall into the trap of the world 
and be heartless or just use my heart less
I shouldn't be punished for being what God says I am 
And doing what he says I should do
But I've come to realize that as long as you standing for God on you're own
Two feet there will always be people waiting to break them 
But it shouldn't be that way 
Being a good person shouldn't have to be something 
you have to guard,but it is 
And not everyone is good themselves But why ?

I don't think I could fathom 
we can't always understand the reasons of others decisions 
all we could do is pray 
And hope that one day we will understand the unanswered question Why ?
Why is the heart the strongest organ yet its so weak 
Why do we strive to grow up fast then wish we were young again
There's billions of unanswered questions and not enough time 
To figure them out 
But just enough time to figure ourselves out , to figure out why




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