Always You.


You stopped talking to me like it doesn't hurt.

I'd rather you scream until you're blue saying you hate me

then to be like dust thrown into the wind.

Why do I constantly stay

knowing the outcome?

Because I'm hurt?

because you're hurt?

Or because my brain loses all signals and instead my heart guides me to do and say whatever she pleases.

Even though she and I both know we will be shattered.

Can't you just talk to me? 

So my heart can stop searching for that piece of you I just had stitched into my heart.

To be ripped out all over again.

Does ignoring me make you feel happy?

I do hope so.

Because this type of sadness is like you are my only way of oxygen,

and it is slowly being taken away making it harder and harder for me to breathe.



               Can't you just talk to me?

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