A Lesson of Love


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There was my old friend
And then there was you
You were very sweet
And she was too

It was you I fell for though
And the other friend agreed
What made me happy
Was what I did need

So I went with you
And she let me go
Always smiling
But she didn’t let me know

She had loved me from day one
but had let me get stolen
Hoping for a chance
As her eyes were red and swollen

You and I went pretty well
At least for a year
And I never lost that friend
She made sure to stay near

Because when things went downhill
And you wouldn’t even try
She was right there hugging me
And allowing me to cry

You’d fallen out of love
Or so you had said
And you moved on and left me
Hoping maybe I was dead

But a month or two passed
And you began to realize
That maybe I was worth something
something in your eyes

So the day you came back
Asking for us to repair
I simply laughed at the door
Because my new love was right there

Her face you recognized
And your eyes sparked with hate
But that first night you said no
Was the night of our first date

And She held me closer
She was with me through it all
And because of her
I’m able to stand tall

So never forget
Dear reader online
To have a good friend
Is perfectly fine

Two’s even better
I will agree
But when they love you
You’ll need to see

You should know them well
Because when push comes to shove
It’s the one who’s been there
That deserves your love


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