Now I know


United States
36° 47' 30.0552" N, 119° 26' 28.1328" W

No one knows how I feel
No one knows what I want
They laugh and laugh
As if they don't care

Why must you be cruel?
Hitting me in the face
And throwing me on the ground
Why must I believe in you?
When all you tell are lies

I feel so alone
In this big empty world
No one to hold
No one to cry to
Just an empty shell

Why must you be nice?
When I see laughing in my face
As if you were deceiving me
I see the color in your eye
And now i know
You never cared about me
You never wanted to be my friend
You deceived me once again
But now I know

I must stand strong
And let you go
Release my feelings
And show the world
That I can stand strong
And walk on my own two feet

You do not own me
You never did
So I stand in front of you
And tell you how I feel
I walk away and wave good-bye
No more harsh life
No more lonely nights
I see the clear blue sky
And now I know


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