'Tis a Lethean shore 

   Written upon a writhing worm ---

A half-winged bedight seraph of yore

   Coos, in a butterfly's term,

Amidst a nebulous crowd, hearing

   A choir of gilt and firm,

Of those Titanic Condor pinions, now peering,

   To the spheres of their eyes squirm.

There, in the zenith reigns up highly trod

   Onto the bloody Welkin-view imbrued

One of Maia's seven stars of God, ---

   And, in gory flesh imbued,

Annelida, thus, withering alive

   Within and out intrude! ---

Immured within the dementia brain survive

   It's silent solitude!


Now, azure moths pallidly scatter like bats,

  Madness was all it got!

With an winged-scent off the sewer rats, ---

   Manichaean mounted terror shot

From Erinyes' wrath, the tresses of the serpentine woman,

   Sizzling a more veil ink burning hot

From her mouth unto the visages of a mortal human ---

   Madness was all they got!


And Lo! Amidst the hectic crowd

   A crawling form, still and wan,

With crimson gashes through it's teeth shout loud

   The name --- the accursed name of Satan!

Risen from the Sheol titanically

   The Old Serpent fool to Man ---

Now glares down upon all gigantically

   And devours what He can!


The fiery Halo between Sheol and Heaven

   Has perished from that final hour

Where the Old writhing Serpent driven

   From all things He hath devour

Far down bellow under His domain given,

   And out! --- Out was of something 

Lingering within his fleshly brain striven

   That obliterated all to nothing!


And now, Annelida, withering alive

   Within  and out intrude! ---

Immured where nothingness survive

   It's silent solitude!







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