In the depths of the reflected light

You can catch a glimpse, a girls' shadow

It's a sight you can't overlook

With her eyes so hollow and haunted

Concealing within a ghastly narrative


A story not untold, simply unheard

But to her, she was screaming out as loudly as she dared

Yet her crys for help weren't loud enough to be noticed

To her, her crys were deafeneingly earsplitting

Yet to them it wasn't "bad" enough to warrant help

They only heard the whispers that they wished to hear

Only noticed a girl finally "getting into shape"


Not a single soul investigated her crumbling facade

To those who simply skimmed over her,

She was the girl with a constant smile

Yet in the blanket of darkness, her smile turned into a grimace

Her tears were invisible to the world 

Her thoughts obscured inside her chest


Everytime she peered into the mirror, that reflected light,

She saw a shadow of a girl that disgusted her

Fat wrapping around her body like a thick molasses

With hips wider that would put the Grand Canyon to shame

Yet somehow her hips appeared narrow compared to her thick thighs


This was what she discerned, this is what she seared into herself

Every single time she even glanced into a mirror

Those thoughts came flooding in like a dam had broken inside her mind

To her, the mirror was her only friend

To her, the mirror was the only who told her the truth

In reality, her truth was a lie, but she couldn't see past the mirror


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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