The Avenger

To loose such ties is something that I can’t explain.

Years of sadness, remorse, and pain,

has made my life into a game.

Its called revenge...


Something I’ve devoted my life too.

Just so I can find you,

dead or alive.

I will survive.


I have you by the devastating stare in my eye.

Your my own blood yet this is our last goodbye.

Who knew your own brother would take your life.

All just for the revenge of our father and his wife.


To bring you into this world and deal with strife.

To mercilessly kill those who love you with a knife.

I remember when the days we’re bright.

You looked as if everyday was night.


I had someone who thought of me,

a place where I can call home.

Yet a place like that I can not see,

because it’ll never exist.


His blood on by hands,

our brotherhood forever stands.

I can’t believe someone with such hatred could end in defeat.

Finally I am done my vended-a is complete.


The fiery rage built up inside of me is now gone.

It was getting late we are at the break of dawn.

For a while I mourn for the dead

Was it necessary was I in over my head.


I can’t help but to feel, Ive lost a part of myself.



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