Yes I am broken

Yes I am broken, but I am not defeated. I am like a salmon breaking through the surface of the water in order to fight the current. I am a glow stick breaking in the hands of a child on a summer evening, spreading my light. I am broken like the spell you cast on me, trapping me in my own mind behind walls of doubt and depression, but I am still broken.


Yes I am hollow, but I am not giving up. I am hollow like the bones of a bird ready to spread my wings and take flight. I am hollow like a tree, a home for new life and a hope for a future of the forest. I am hollow like the hull of a boat full of treasures constantly fighting to keep myself above the waves, but I am still hollow


I am trying to prove my worth to you


I am crying, but this time not for you


I am falling, but out of love with you.


Now I’m thriving, and not because of you


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