Evicted Notice

Far away in mind but close in heart

The time well spent is more than I could need

Yet I’m still feeling the tears I left on your shirt

The bedside behind me leaves me nothing but cold feet


Your stare in dull adoration is numbing

The monotone blue dusk comforting as I hurt inside

Searching into them to find something

Something I can confide in


But I’ve already drowned myself in the pools of your arms that I call home


Sweet words that I love to hear at night

Yet daylight holds no attitude of reaction or response

Left in the dark in effortless wiping

Rolled in waves of aftertaste songs of romance


All that’s noticed is overjoy and dismal 

Trapped in my own head of words you use to say

What happened before I took the fall?

Before the leaves on the trees began to sway


No care now if the weeds in the garden of sunflowers are overgrown


How long?

For you to smile with affection

Instead of filling it in with mild assurance

Cutting efforts down in deduction

When did I start feeling such an underachiever

in your wake?


“You wouldn’t care” is top of my vocabulary list

Actions speak louder than words to a degree

Interesting left unimpressed

The passion doesn't burn as bright as it use to be


Candles in your room now give the only bit of colour to my fading heart


Would you care for so long?

Will you notice the fading grins?

When will you note if the lines from my lips are withdrawn?

Would you care if your world stopped spinning?


How long would it take to notice the moon is missing from its stars?

Or how the beats have soften to the gray

Only shade you brought of pink with you was to my cheeks and ears

Can you recall the times I was too shy to meet halfway?


Do you see my hazel gaze and pale hands go unmarked?


Sharing is too meaningless when asked

No trouble to keep the thoughts down my throat

I’ll just go to fill up my heart of glass

Mind the nail stuck on my chest


On my ribcage is a note

Evicted notice


This poem is about: 



When effort is never noticed it can make you feel faded and absent from life.

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