You Don't Know Me

Wed, 10/01/2014 - 13:37 -- Chloep

You don't know me
I'm not the person you think I am
It's all been a lie,everything
Even you never saw through it
Hidden in the shadows
Never truely open
Not once did I speak my own words
A smiled etched on my face
My eyes showing nothing but your reflection
Playful words burn like lava
Frendships built dreams destroyed
Easy words lies rolled off my tounge
You've never looked close enough to see
No one does they see only what I what them to
almost started to believed you
But I could see through you
Like an open window
Words that were said but never meant
Heart broken and never one word of apolgy

My wall has been built and nothing will tear it down
Your lies still hurt but you'll never care
Even my best friend can't penatrate
But you may try and fail a million times
I shall never forgive your horrid crimes
I never cry at least not in front of you
Maybe one day I'll find some like-minded
Someone I can trust and little by little
I'll let them in and never regret it

But you don't know me,I'm not who you think I am


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