i know

Mon, 05/11/2020 - 15:58 -- Baya

you did nothing wrong, you’re a good person

but you’re hurt, and i figured that out by myself

i know you’re afraid to open up

i know you’re afraid to let down your walls

and let someone in

i know you’re afraid to let someone get close to you

you’re afraid that they’ll hurt you even more

deep down, you know i’m right

but what you don’t understand

is that i won’t hurt you because i love you

i’ll be patient and gentle

i know that all of these words

are easy for anyone to say, just so that they can get you to hold on a bit longer

but you should know that i’m not anyone

i mean all of those words, and i’ll show you

that i actually mean them, i’ll show you

that i won’t lie to you, like everyone else

i know this is a lot to ask of you,

but can you just trust me?


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May your patience be rewarded ,,In today's world it is hard,, I like you poem, it has a ring of truth


thank you, you're right it is hard but even if the outcome is different then i want it to be i wont mind because it wouldnt completly be for nothing, you know?

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