The Creature I See



Appearing in the reflection of lights,

Mystical and quiet, with sea deep eyes,

Her form changing day and night,

The creature I see who brings me fright.


I silently watch as she moves,

Her shadows in chaos, from groove to groove.

Screaming and running, wild in pain.

Fighting and bleeding, crying in vain.

But oh so still, is this creature I see.

Just sitting there staring back at me.


I touch her face for her tears to dry.

I extend my hand for her’s to try.

But cold and hard is the creature I see,

For a glass wall comes in between.


A wall with no top,

A wall with no bottom.

Not a window, nor a door.

A wall with no roof, nor a floor.

In which lies, the creature I see.


From sunset to sunrise.

For me to realize,

That this creature I see,

Is none other than Me.



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