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Thu, 08/22/2013 - 10:28 -- MichelH


You’re there but you’re not                                                          

You’ve always been a phone call away

But what if that wasn’t enough?


Maybe if you worked 5 days out of the week

And came home at 9:00

We would be closer


Then saying L-O-V-E

Wouldn’t make me feel

Like an elephant at a party,

Awkward and so out of place


You’re there but you’re not

It’s like a guessing game

Daily wondering if I’ll see you

Before my eyes shut to the night


In my memories,

I can’t place you at times

The one that hurt me the most

Surprisingly comes to mind more than you do

Does that hurt you?


I’m not sure if you’re constant disregard

Or their recent abandonment hurts more

I guess they pretty much are congruent in impact

Because to solve either

Would lead to no solutions


You’re there but you’re not

Most times I wish you were not

I push push away

Only cause I want you to stay





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