God Told Me To Write

Why I Write

God told me to write

So I write about the pain I feel inside

I write about the tears that are left behind

I write about the love that can no longer be felt

I write about the loss that once made me melt

God told me to write

So I write about a mother’s pain

The events that led to her insane

How she desperately misses her son

A life that is now forever gone

I now write about her sleepless night

Her visions of a boy covered in white

Her words that were once able to heal

All lost in the past because of things she can no longer feel

God told me to write

So, I write about a woman’s strength

The efforts she went through and lengths

To restore and hold onto what’s left of her family

And try and bring them back to their normally

So When asked why I write

I write because God told me to write

And bring the words I have to light

Of a woman’s struggle and fight


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