My lonely


United States

its in my lonely 

that I realize how I am frail and boney

how harsh I am to me,how my heart is stony

it is in my lonely

that I confront my phony

masks get dropped and the acting gets chopped

who is my director why this he propped?

for me 

why the truth I can't see

self acceptence seems so far and I stay chained not free

why is so hard for a girl in America herself to be

busy chopping each other down we can't even plant a tree

it is in my lonely 

that I see how everything is grey 

and how far from my actual self I sway 

it is in my lonely 

that I realize as time passes how much I fray

I know I am mortal and I am not here to stay


so I know I have to be more clever

thats when I quickly pull that lever 

wake up to heavy weight unloaded 

secret to self love decoded

gather the pieces that eroded

start over 

revival of the self is a must 

it all starts with a little trust 

it is in my lonely 

that I happily found I 

it is in my lonely 

that I learned to soar in the sky 







Please check my poem out. 

thank you 


Our generation needs to read this. Excellent poem!!! but why is it that you see everything grey in your  loneliness and not black and white?


Hello! thank you for taking your time to read my poem. And it is because it is the uncertainty that is grey not being able to fit in and not knowing how to be ourselves. Not completely in the dark and not completely in the light either so grey :)


Well written, I like the contrast of how people really feel when alone in self thought.

I know many who can relate like myself!


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