They said that I'd be fine

And I believed it to be true

Until at the next moment 

My eyes fell upon you


My heart began to beat off rhythm 

As my vision became blind

They said that people could change

And that stayed in my frame of mind


I just wanted to be happy

Praying that my loneliness would soon fade away

So I put my heart and my soul into loving you

Crying eyes out in my soon dismay


One side of me said not to give up

That this young heart will soon mend

The other side told me to walk away

And let my unappreciated love end


But throughout it all, it still pains me

To feel both sides pull me this way and that

Because I know who you could be

Do you see where I'm trying to get at?


See I'm a girl that's smart but makes foolish mistakes

And cherished the moments that God gives me

But sometimes I want for people to stay in my life

Longer than the few moments that they're destined to be


My heart is slowly growing weak

As life continuously knocks me to my knees

I'm fighting in a war

Where the only opponent...is me





Geovanni, I think your poem was really interesting! The ending caught me off guard in a good way! Your poem seems to tell a sad story about love and how hard it is to move on after all of the happy moments fade away. You did a great job at conveying this meaning.  Great work! Keep writing and being creative! Often, it is the sad moments in life that provoke the most emotion out of us and inspire us to write!


Thank you so very much Cynthia!

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