Im So Sorry

All my homies hmu like where you been


Smoked out comatose and unresponsive tearing 

Searing pain unmistakable 

Broken ankles and fingers clinging onto tracks 

Spittin tha max out deprecation of my own shit hatin on it concentration waitin on the writers block caked over  soldier 

Better be bolder with your knowledge  gettin colder


This weather takes our emotions and molds Em into destructive motions 


All homies hmu like where u been 


Merely a little short sighted where the fuck is Siri when I need her, 

The addy dropped ur gonna get jumped or murdered

Out in the bay when you got robbed 

Sorta had it comin 

Like u thought nothin would flop 

When u spoke shit 

Stop for a minute and notice 

You know this 

Your thoughts are bogus 

ur lying and you might as well be dyin 

Like hocus pocus bitch I’m gone and I’m back 

in this song

like ugh

true and I know we’ve been apart

but why we gotta act we just starting?

its something bigger


and Ive been known as a sinner

the lyrical genius who pieces 

the plates together like dinner

my kin folk used to be bigger

but then i got addicted

sittin in my bedroom listenin to mac n biggie

so conflicted

thinkin how maybe… nah never mind man

lets just continue with this stupid grind fam

im done

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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