Who are you to judge?


This Is What I’m Not

If I were a color,

I would be pink just as you like.

If I were a book,

I would pen the story of your beautiful dreams.

If I were a song,

I would be the music notes that makes your heart feel light.

If I were were a bird,

I would chirp to every love song you sing.

If I were an animal,

I would be happy that you would treat me right.

If I were a friend,

I would be the one who tells you that you are beautiful everyday.

If I were a star,

I would be the north star, the one that exists just to guide you.

If I were a house,

I would be the house of your dreams.

If I was a work of art,

I would be a magnificent Picasso of you.

If I were a storm,

I would be dangerous for your tornado love

If I were a parent,

I would guide my children to do what they love in life.

What am I really?


-Tyrell Womack

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