She believed in you, and you let her down. When she was finally smiling, you made her frown. She's dealt with you all along, when others turned their backs, she was there to make you strong. She talked to you, all night long even when she had things in her life going wrong. She knows your story, and reads you like an open book. She can figure out your whole day just by one look. She was there for you even when you left her high and dry. She was there for you even when you made her cry. Things change, life goes on, but in her head, your message plays on. She realizes so much, yet still wants that friendship back. She knows if she had a chance, she'd go back. They all say shes better off with out company like that. But she knows she'd always take that friendship back. They say she deserves better, but she knows she'll always try to get you back. Best friends, as close as can be, and all she can wonder now, is what the hell is wrong with me. High school to worry about, 4 years to be exact, and all she can think of is, getting her best friend back. A whole life ahead of her, but she cant let go. Everyone thinks that know whats best, but they will never truly understand the mess. The mess of what goes on between two best friends. They will never understand the power, the bond. They can never truly understand what goes on. She walks alone, wondering why she feels so drained, could it be maybe, with out her best friend, the daily life is pain. She fears every problem, knowing her best friend isnt there for her to talk to. She worries twenty four seven, and when she pulls out her phone, she types in your name, but then she realizes, and again feels the pain. Shes hurting now, she keeps the letter, someday, maybe, just maybe, she'll delete it, and learn to feel better. But not today. way.


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