The boy I still love

I know you don't want to talk to me because you need to breathe

but I'm restless without you 

they say the only ones up at 4am are the loved and the lonely 

but I'm broken

You see

since you left I've felt sick

constantly nauseous and constantly crying

i keep trying to talk to you

in hopes you'd want me back

but it never works...

i just wish you missed me the way I miss you

i have songs playing constantly on repeat now

and they aren't my old love songs

they're about losing someone you love

and baby I love and lost you

so far today I've had 4 panic attacks

my body doesn't even know how to function without you

If I even get out of bed I fall because I've cried so much it's like I can't stand

so this is my first heart break...

so this is when my first love leaves...

im sorry I wasn't enough 

but at least I know I gave it my all 

but it also hurts more because I gave it my all

and now you aren't mine...

and now I feel like I can never move on...

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