Deflection: Orbit

Thu, 06/12/2014 - 19:45 -- kikuria


Lonely girl is so far up above the world. She orbits around, without an anchor to ground her. One revolution after another, she continues on, pretending not to mind her endless journey. But, as she looks down, at all the tiny ever-moving humans, she secretly wonders if any one of them would ever pull her back down to Earth.

Lonely girl is plain, with prim features, short black hair. Nothing out of the ordinary here. Hiding that pale face in textbooks, she pushes all of her heart, her soul, into her mask so carefully sculpted from the cold pillars of absolutes of life and existence. Her Studies, they're all she has. She keeps them in her arms, pressed against her, toward her heart. She clenches them tightly, worried that, without the solid structure of knowledge, she would be nothing, that even her orbit may stop, and she'll float away into the dark vast of space.

In the class room she only sees shadows, attached to various feet stamping around the floor. There's also a chalkboard, but maybe that's it. Her hands, small and soft, sit securely within the pleats of her skirt. There is chatter surrounding her here, incessant, flippant talk, vainly pouring out of the shadows of classmates. Then teacher comes, and the chatter stops as the chalkboard fills. Let them talk, she thinks, since that's all they seem to know how to do! Let them talk about their shallow likes and dislikes, their clubs, clothes. Who needs those things.. who needs people like that.

Lonely girl orbits, orbits. The day is done, the revolution over. Time to start the next turn. Hey, want to see a movie? No, those things are a waste of time, I'd rather study. Come with us to karaoke! Oh, that sort of thing isn't really for me. Besides, I have night class to get to. She is so high above everyone, that everything on earth seems so small, so silly! But up in vacant space, petite, lonely girl is alone and always revolving. Silently waiting to be brought down, she'll orbit. orbit. orbit.


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