Every step a little weaker

Every breathe a little harder

No one ever said this would be easier

But no one mentioned it being this hard

Living but not alive

Going deeper in this hell

Every word is a strive

No one sees the struggle

No one sees the try


They make me sick

I just want to kick

And scream so loud

Until I've been deemed crazy

They can take me away

The room will be hazy

Looking at the canvas

That I cannot use

They took my pen

That I chose to abuse

I gave up my power

Now I am stuck

 I feel like a tower

Easy to breakdown

I made the wrong choice

I wish I wasn't found

They cannot read my mind 

I cannot let them

I must let them find

That everything is fine

So they will let me out

Out of this trap

I cannot shout

I cannot freak

Until I am out

Once I am free

I'll go back in

Into the place

Where everything hurts

And is put in my face

The cycle keeps going

Days on end in my den

But I have my music back

And get a new pen


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